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Your Data is saved in cloud servers and controlled by European rules. No human sees your data. Since we are based in Europe, you privacy is highly protected, and no one can access or use your data.

Highest speed

On LeadBrander, you will create high converting landing pages for Cash On Delivery Businesses with the highest speed ever. The fastest landing page creator is now available for you. You can compare our speed to any other store builder.

Winning Landing Pages

We test many landing pages every day. When we find a winning landing page, we make it available for you on LeadBrander; you Focus on Selling; we take care of your KPIs and find Landing Pages that work.

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Create 1 Free Store
Up To 50 Orders Per Month
COD Manager
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For $7.99/mo
Including Hosting And Domain
Up To 1000 Orders Per Month
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Create 10 Landing Pages

Up To 3000 Orders Per Month
Complete Store Builder




All PRO PLAN Features
Create Unlimited Stores

Unlimited Orders Per Month
Everything Included

All In One Cash On Delivery Management Software

Leadbrander is an all in one cash-on-delivery management software, where you can create a branded store for local e-Commerce based on cash on delivery. It is the best e-Commerce website builder for a successful cod business. Also, it is a platform for lead management, where you can mark leads as confirmed, canceled, or delivered, manually or automatically.

This platform uses automatic tools to change the status of 1000s of leads at once, and it gives you a complete and clear vision of your business, calculating your expenses and profit on each product.

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Cash On Delivery Software

Do you think that eCommerce is searching for a product, creating a store and running ads? My friend, it is 2021; people are getting smarter, they know very well what a dropshipping store is, and they run away from them. Do you know why?

Because over the last ten years, many marketers have abused customers by sending low-quality products or not even sending the product, so buyers suffered a lot with this. Imagine you buy a gift for your loved one and this gift came as low quality or didn't even come? People are furious when they see a product made with a standard Shopify store.

So you should be smart about it; you should look like a branded store to sell. Create branded stores and see if you will sell or not. It is not magic; it is pure logic.

Control Your KPI

LeadBrander is not just a high-quality landing page builder. Still, it is also a KPI controller where you manage the success of your store and the performance of your COD Business. This helps you see whether you are profitable so you can grow your earnings and scale faster, or if you are losing money and you should take the necessary actions.

The Power Of LeadBrander

The Best Free Branded Store Creator For Cash On Delivery, where you have unlimited features to manage your leads and scale your business. You can control almost everything, like the call center's performance and deliverability to boost the conversion rate of your landing page.

High-Converting Landing Pages

Very High Conversion rate is what we offer. Making your store looks like a big brand that consumer trust! Our goal is to make the conversion rate go through the roof.

Know Your Numbers

Unlike the other eCommerce platforms where you have only a little information about your business, LeadBrander gives you plenty of information to see exactly what is happening with you business to help you scale very quickly.

Full Control

Control your store's performance, add a pixel or any code very quickly, track your conversions easily and edit your store any time you need.

A Branded Store In a Few Minutes

Imagine if you were able to create a high-converting store that accepts COD Payment in few minutes to test or scale any product you want.

Cash On Delivery Management Software

The first Cash On Delivery management software on the internet creates landing pages and ensures your success on the internet.

Be A Big Baller

Get a clear view of your business and be prepared to dominate the market using the power of this unique SaaS Service that will help you scale to a super-marketer very fast.